June 1, 2020

Business insurance

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"ACBI gives superb service!! The staff is very knowledgeable of our specific needs for insurance documentation regardless of whether it is for vehicles, state agencies, customers, landlords or personnel coverage. Their response is very fast and in virtually in all instances, we have our requirements met within one hour after sending the request. All staff are readily available for advice and opinions on the various issues that tend to arise in our business. Highly recommended."


Peter with ACBI in Fairfield CT "ACBI's Corporate Insurance Group represents clients from Maine to Florida to California and employs a risk management discipline with all clients to assure their assets and liability exposures are protected through insurance and other risk transfer mechanisms."

Peter J. Page
Vice President

ACBI is licensed in all 50 states and represents clients from the corner variety store to public companies with multi state operations. Whether it is a hedge fund in Greenwich in need of sophisticated Directors & Officers and Professional Liability insurance or the investor with multiple apartment buildings or the private equity firm with investments and properties throughout the United States, ACBI has the talent and resources to provide the advice and counsel required to assure adequate insurance protection.

We strive to learn all we can about the firm we represent. We determine their exposure to loss, employ the means to mitigate those exposures, and then manage them to the best of our abilities. Our role is not simply to "sell" insurance but rather to review a client's exposures and recommend the best solution to save them from financial catastrophe. Protecting assets is serious business and we treat it that way every day of the year.

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Listed below is a summary of just some of the various types of insurance products ACBI offers its clients:

› Business Liability
› Business Automobile
› Business Interruption
› Property Insurance
› Product Liability
› Crime Insurance
› Business Travel Accident
› Workers Compensation
› Network Security

› Directors & Officers Liability
› Professional Liability
› Fiduciary Liability
› Employment Practices Liability
› Kidnap & Ransom
› Pollution Liability
› Flood & Earthquake
› Surety Bonds
› Privacy  Liability

Additionally, ACBI offers the following Risk Management services

Insurance Premium Audits

General Liability and Worker Compensation insurance contracts are rated on a auditable basis. Significant additional costs can be generated from improperly conducted insurance company audits. Classifications and payroll and sales figures must be reviewed and checked for accuracy to avoid additional premiums and potential loss of markets for our clients. ACBI provides this service to assure the premiums you pay are accurate and correct.

Claims Management Analysis

Businesses purchase insurance to pay claims for unavoidable accidents. The business has a responsibility to implement loss control practices that reduce the chance of loss. But eliminating claims is virtually impossible. As your broker, ACBI will assist in the claims process to assure settlements move smoothly, quickly and to your satisfaction. Additionally, we analyze claim reserves and regularly review loss reports to assure once again these are accurate and you are not over paying for insurance. We will implement claim reporting procedures for your offices as well as to make the claim process simple and straight forward.

Worker Compensation Experience Modification Analysis

Experience modifications are an indication of the historical claim experience of a client’s worker compensation insurance. The modification is based on a mathematical formula applied to claim payments and/or reserves and premiums paid for a three (3) year rolling term and is published each year by the National Compensation Council for Insurance. We use a software program that enables us first to confirm the accuracy of the NCCI modification and second to forecast, based on various loss predictions, what effect future loses will have on the modification. We also will review claims experience before those numbers go into the NCCI and affect the modification.

Safety & Loss Control Services

Loss Prevention programs and techniques are an important factor in reducing the dollar amount and number of claims a business experiences. We oversee the development and implementation of these programs with insurance carrier loss control engineers.

Quite often they will include employee safety committees, on site programs, disaster recovery plans and procedures to assist you in complying with OSHA and other federal regulations. Frequency and severity of claims will adversely affect your insurance program and the premiums you ultimately pay. Loss prevention is a key to maintaining a cost effective insurance program.

Due Diligence Services

ACBI is frequently called upon to provide due diligence services prior to an acquisition under a letter of confidentiality when requested. Our services cover four (4) essential areas:

› Potential Cost Savings
› Evaluation of Exposure to Loss
› A study of historical losses
› An identification of potentional liabilities or possible claims

Our Due Diligence Services assure management it is reducing risk as much as possible.

ACBI's mission is to strive every day to adequately protect the assets you have worked a lifetime to create. Accidents happen and we wish to assure you are covered when they occur. We view ourselves as your "risk manager" and our responsibility is to identify and analyze the exposures faced and create solutions - be it through regular insurance products or other transfer mechanisms.