June 1, 2020

Group Employee benefits Insurance

"Working with Sean Rabinowitz is effortless. His attention to the needs of my family and my employees could not be better. He continues to work beyond my expectations from the smallest detail to seemingly impossible requests. His patience and professionalism are truly a lost art in today's society. I can honestly say Integrated Sports Therapy would not be where it is today without Sean and the team at ACBI."


Sean with ACBI in Fairfield CT"The Employee Benefits Group at ACBI is committed to delivering innovative benefit solutions to assist our clients in attracting and retaining the best talent available in the marketplace. We do this through strategic planning, professional service and state of the art technology."

Sean J. Rabinowitz
Vice President

ACBI's Employee Benefits Group serves our clients by observing four core principles.

We Control Cost, employ State of the Art Technology, provide Education and Training, and offer Effective Solutions. These value added services have proven effective in helping clients contain costs while retaining their most valuable asset - their employees - and therefore remaining successful in a very challenging environment.

Health Care Legislation and Compliance and Administration issues are never ending and can become overwhelming for businesses and their human resource departments. ACBI consultants will be your source for cost effective strategies and will provide experienced and professional advice and counsel while supplying educational materials and software tools to assist you, your employees, and your HR department in this most important area of your business.

ACBI will always strive to balance the needs of your business with the benefit needs of your employees by utilizing the four core principles above thereby achieving a higher level of satisfaction in your benefits program. We are built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership and excellence, and are committed to delivering the very best the insurance brokerage business has to offer.

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Some of the services we offer through ACBI's Employee Benefits Group are

› Review Current Plans
› Review and Negotiate Renewals
› Analyze Premium and Administration fees
› Go to Market with plans and administrative services including comparisons of quotes, and negotiations with carriers
› Coordinate Wellness initiatives and strategies; Manage Wellness & Loss Prevention
› Design Cost Containment programs
› Examine and Compare Funding Alternatives
› Ensure Compliance with federal and state laws

› Review plan documents, booklets, contracts, policy amendments
› Review Summary Plan Description and other communication materials
› Keep up to date on Corporate Objectives
› Provide Communication Materials helping employees better understand the benefit package
› Analyze and Monitor Monthly Claim Reports and keep you informed
› Manage Client Services
› Attend and Direct Employee Meetings
› Attend Meetings with Insurance Companies and Management

Some of the products we offer through ACBI’s Employee Benefits Group are

› Group Life
› Group Health
› Group Dental
› Group Disability
› Long Term Care
› Wellness Programs

› Claims Analysis
› Compliance
› Newsletters
› Handbooks
› Stop Loss Programs